Male 61 years working at a non-profit organization at the HRM department
Recently Sylvia Tas, a core talents analysis about me made.

The analysis provided me with an enormous amount of insight into which skills and competencies I have.

But the analysis also gave me insight into which skills and competencies I have or do not have.
The research has made me think.

It has encouraged me to take a close look at myself.

It has confirmed to me what is in my nature and potential and what gives me energy, from my authentic self.

The research was carried out carefully, contentiously and with great enthusiasm.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this research!

Woman 58 and owner of a Yoga studio.

I was a test client at Sylvia's Core Talent Analysis exam.
I felt comfortable with her.
Sylvia comes across spontaneously and naturally. She helped me to feel what I really liked, which is important in the test.
At the end, when my personal piece was covered, I could tell very openly about my life and my wish.
The test has confirmed me in my job, I know it's true what I do,
Fine support for a do-it-yourselfer like me. And encouraged to take the last step I want in my development in my company.
Thank you!

Young working man of 22, who wants to go back to study and make a right choice based on the Core Talent Analysis.

I am a boy of 22 years and have come in contact with Sylvia through my mother.

With her I took the core talent test, which I am very enthusiastic about.

The test provides a lot of insight into where your talents lie and explains how and why you do certain things or make choices as a person.

This is partly due to the accessibility and enthusiasm with which Sylvia works.

Even now after taking the test, I can always reach her when I have a question and she wants to be kept informed of the steps I make on the basis of the analysis.