Sylvia Tas – oprichter van Apparently Gifted

Sylvia Tas – founder of Apparently Gifted

I have always been interested in children who do not fit into regular education. Initially I worked with children with behavioral problems. Later on, as a parent, I found out that not only children with behavioral or learning problems experienced difficulty with school, but that gifted children in particular also encountered problems. I have seen how a lack of challenge, incomprehension among peers and teachers and the failure to connect standardized education to the perception of a child can lead to many problems. These express themselves in: frustration, anger outbursts, lack of confidence, a feeling of being different and underperforming. I felt that more attention should be paid to this and I have started working on this.

My career started after my HBO-youth well-being work. I started working as a manager in a therapeutic family home for children with serious behavioral problems.
Later on I was retrained as a primary school teacher and since 2009 I have been involved fulltime in developing education that specializes particularly for gifted children.
I have worked to further develop, implement and improve this education. With our team from the Think Tank TopPlan (started in 2011) we even presented our plans at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and in 2013 we were nominated for the Mensa Award.
I have continuously developed myself further, as I am Kanjercoördinator (social skills) within the school.
In addition to my work, I have also specialized in guiding gifted children and their parents.
I have become a recognized Talent Analyst, so that I can better guide people and provide insight into their nature, potential and intrinsic motivation. I have now completed the Masterclass Study Choice Supervision, the Masterclass Giftedness and the Masterclass Complex Combinations.
In 2017 I was trained in Chicago by, among others, James T. Webb to become a SENG Facilitator, so now I am allowed to coach parents of gifted children in a professional manner.
As coordinator of HB-Café Zeeland, as part of the Adult Giftedness Institute, I have been working in recent years to create more publicity around the theme of giftedness. The HB-Cafés are a place where gifted individuals can meet and learn more about themselves and their giftedness.

Apparently Gifted
Since 1990 I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with the different aspects of giftedness. I now want to use this expertise through Apparently Gifted.

I have created Apparently Gifted so that I can help you further by offering:
– Core Talent analysis for individuals in the field of study choice, job coaching or on a personal level.
– Coaching of parents in the education of gifted children
– Counseling of parents and children who have (had) difficulty in coming along at school and in society