In eight evenings the following themes will be discussed in detail

Giftedness, what does that mean?
Characteristics of gifted children
Communication: the key to relationships
Motivation, enthusiasm and underperformance
Set limits and learn self-discipline
Intensity, perfectionism and stress
Idealism, disappointment and depression
Dealing with peers and friends
Relations within the family
Individuality and moral development
Challenges of modern parenting
Children with a double burden

The evening starts with a presentation about the subject.

There is time to exchange experiences and tips.



Work on the emotional guidance of your gifted child

How does this work?

You make an appointment without obligation
An intake interview follows
You will be on the waiting list for the next course (starting in October 2018)
You follow the 8-week program
The course is concluded with a personal interview

The course is a very effective and practical way to give you tools to guide your (possibly) gifted child (ren) on an emotional level.

In the education of my own children, I would have loved these tools. Meanwhile, my children have grown up and since 2009 I have been giving education to gifted children in Zeeland.

I myself, when my children were very young (1996), became a member of the Pharos parents' association. I found a lot of recognition there. However, it was not enough. The themes described above are very current and well applicable. They were developed in the United States by James T. Webb (SENG).

In the summer of 2017 I flew to Chicago and I was trained by, among others, James T. Webb as an SMPG facilitator. This means that I am qualified to give this course to parents of gifted children..