I have created Apparently Gifted so that I can help you further by offering:

Core Talent analysis for individuals in the field of study choice, job coaching or on a personal level.
As a qualified SMPG facilitator, I am going to supervise a parent group according to the successful method of James T. Webb. In a program of 8-10 weeks we work in a group on all facets, which you, as parents, encounter in everyday practice.
guiding parents and children who have difficulties with coming at school and in society (eg in the field of learning, but also behavior)
drop-out process: finding customized solutions for your individual situation
Coordinating the HB-Café for the IHBV in Zeeland
In the past 30 years I have gained a lot of experience with the different aspects of being highly gifted. From various perspectives I gained knowledge in dealing with gifted adults, but also with children and their parents. Both in my work and in my private life this runs like a red thread through time.