What are CoreTalents?

Every person naturally has a different aptitude in character, motivation and strong and weak qualities. 23 Core Talents and their combinations give you insight into your strengths and weaknesses and where your possibilities and impossibilities lie. These Core Talents are found on the basis of your childhood. As a child you did activities and played with what you intuitively preferred. Through the professional analysis of your unique CoreTalents a complete picture can be given of your complete talent, potential and motivation. This method gives you insight into the things that give you energy and the things that you lose energy.

Origin and background

Danielle Krekels discovered that your favorite children’s games and how you played with them said everything about your deeper, natural talents. In her field of recruitment and selection of scientifically trained staff, she learned more than 20 years ago that engineers were found to have a surprisingly comparable playing preference in their childhood. This finding was the reason for further research. In this way she discovered 23 Core Talents, each with their own specific components. After more than 12,000 in-depth interviews, the CoreTalent method has meanwhile been expanded and refined empirically. The questionnaire was scientifically validated in 2015 with a reliability score of Cronbach’s Alpha .84, the highest in the world alongside the Big5.

Meaning and application of a Core Talent analysis

The use of your strong Core Talents gives you energy, development and satisfaction. Tasks or work where you can not use your strong CoreTalents can lead to boredom and even bore out. Skills where mainly your smaller Core Talents are addressed, cost you a lot of energy, often deliver an unsatisfactory result and can lead to burnout. When you know your Core Talents, you can make more conscious choices that really suit you, what you have talent for and what you ‘enjoy’.

Why a Core Talent Analysis?

There are many questions where a Core Talent Analysis gives a clear insight:

I have already stopped studying twice. Which course does suit me?
I am looking forward to my current job, how do I make it interesting again?
I want to start my own business. How do I deal with that the best, what are my pitfalls?
Am I suitable to lead? If so, which style suits me?
How can I prevent a burn-out?
How can I prevent a bore-out?
I find my work heavy. How is that and what can I do about it?

In short, a Core Talent Analysis provides insights to make better decisions for your future. What do you need to be happy in your work? Where are your limits? Which study is appropriate for you? What talents can you develop into excellence? Which aspects should you avoid?

What does a Core Talent Analysis consist of?

You complete a questionnaire online, which will cost you about 30 minutes

The results are processed and analyzed. Based on this, the personal interview is prepared.

A personal interview that takes about 1.5-2 hours

We will discuss this extensively with your childhood. What were you playing with, what did you like or did not like. This phase of the analysis is meant as a check. The answers you have filled in can still be changed. Based on these two steps, we will tell you the first results of the analysis. We check with you if you recognize yourself in it.

An in-depth interview that takes about 1-1.5 hours

We will go deeper into your school period, your study (s), your career and your private situation. This gives us insight into the extent to which the Core Talents have been deployed and developed and which competences you have acquired. We therefore get a clear picture of your ambitions and expectations for the future.

A personal report

We formulate your complete Core Talent constellation with a clear and concrete advice in relation to your Core Talents aimed at your ambitions and wishes with regard to the (near) future. You will receive the report by post within three weeks.

An evaluation meeting that takes about 2 hours

You have been able to read the report. Together we look at how you experienced it and whether you recognize yourself in the results of the analysis. We ensure that the results really start living with you and are crystal clear.

The validity period of a Core Talent Analysis is lifelong. It is a valid reflection of your Core Talents on which you can trust and build a lifetime.



Graduation ceremony by Danielle Krekels https://www.coretalents.eu/nl