Apparently Gifted is the place for you, when you can use help with the following problems:

  • You feel insecure / lonely
  • You experience sleeping problems
  • You can no longer concentrate properly
  • You experience social problems
  • You have problems at school or at college
  • To process the divorce of your parents
  • Because there are other losses to process
  • You feel different, others do not understand you


Together, we will find out how we can improve your problem within a short period of time.

We look at a solution for the present, as well as strategies that will help you in the future.

We look at your talents and strengths and at ways you can develop them to the fullest.

In some cases we use a Core Talent analysis to define your Core Talents. This will give you lifelong insight into your strengths and relative weaknesses, so that you will know what gives you energy and where you can lose energy.


Depending on your question, there are roughly two possibilities:

  • We start a short coaching tract
  • We start with a Core Talent analysis


How does that work?

  1. You make an appointment without obligation
  2. An intake interview
  3. Some coaching sessions or a Core Talent analysis
  4. Closing conversation


It does not matter whether you have had an IQ test or not.

Coretalent Analysis