HB-Café Zeeland

The HB-Café Zeeland started on 7 July 2017. This HB-Café is part of the national organization of the IHBV.
On Friday evening June 15, 2018, Hans Lips speaks about: 'Know your CoreTalents and use them completely'.

Institute Giftedness Adults


Instituut Hoogbegaafdheid Volwassenen

v.l.n. Peter Overzier (speaker), Karin van Toor and Sylvia Tas (coordinators) Noks Nauta (speaker)

What is an HB Café?
An HB-Café is an informal meeting where people come together to increase their knowledge of and insight into giftedness among adults, and to be able to talk about this with other interested parties in a relaxed atmosphere.
In general, the program consists of a presentation or an interactive work form of approx. 2.5 hours with a break. Afterwards there is usually an opportunity to talk and have a drink in another room. The starting time is usually 19:00 or 19:30 hours; this can vary per location. The content part of the program will not stop later than 22:00.
The primary target group are gifted individuals themselves: people who recognize themselves in descriptions of giftedness (there is no test requirement). In addition, partners, colleagues, neighbors, friends, parents and (adult) children are welcome. There will also be coaches who work with gifted individuals. The HB-Cafés are explicitly not intended for raising personal help questions.

Our team:
With Rob Scipio, Rieneke Sijderius, Karin van Toor and Sylvia Tas we organize HB-Café in Middelburg about 6 times a year.

Theme: Highly gifted. More than a high IQ
Speakers: Noks Nauta and Peter Overzier

Theme: An introduction to the theory of positive disintegration (Dabrowski)
Speaker: Lotte van Lith

Theme: The importance of body language among gifted individuals
Spokesperson: Joanne Spreij

Theme: Conflicts
Speaker: Ido van der Waal

Theme: High sensitivity and Giftedness
Spokesperson: Rianne van de Ven

Theme: Know your Core Talents and use them completely
Speaker: Hans Lips

We are guests at Gideon Mulders. His Café: Le Penseur at the Varkensmarkt 15 in Middelburg is a nice and cozy place, where the lectures take place.
How can I apply?

The applications are via the IHBV site. You go to the site. You choose if you want to come to Middelburg on the button: Zeeland, there is the next Café and you can also see if there is still a place for you. You pay through the site and then it's done. If a Café is full, then it makes sense to put your name on the waiting list, because if there are cancellations, we will call in order from the waiting list.
Do you want to know more about the IHBV or do you want to come once please log in via the following link.