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Waar loopt je kind tegenaan

Counseling of children: What does your child run into?
At Apparently Gifted, parents and children come for guidance when things are not going well in the child's life.

The problems can be very different eg:
• Unexplained abdominal pain
• Socially and emotionally uncomfortable in his / her skin
• Problems at school
• Tantrums at school or at home
• School performance that does not match the image that parents have of their child.
• Worrying
• Sleep disorders

Usually a 'problem' is examined and a solution is proposed. My vision is to look at the 'larger picture', with your child at the center. The 'problem' manifests itself in a certain way in the life of your child and is therefore a signal. This signal must be picked up and identified. Very often it is not at all clear that the child could be gifted and experiences high sensitivity.
As a children’s coach, I work solution-oriented and I look beyond just picking up the signal. Together with your child, I will search for the strengths of your child, so that it will discover his / her own talents. This will result in self-confidence. Your child learns to know him- or herself better and learns to deal with situations that he/she finds difficult. All this with the underlying problem in mind.

Parent course

How to proceed?




1 You make an appointment without obligation

2 An intake

3 Getting to know your child

4 Coaching your child

5 Closing conversation


Which theme might require coaching?

  • Processing of divorce
  • Learning to deal with giftedness / high sensitivity
  • Learning how to learn
  • Fear of failure

Since every child is unique, I assume that there are still a lot of issues to add to this row.

It does not matter whether the child’s IQ has already been determined.